Rules for 2018-2019 (Added 8c)

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Rules for 2018-2019 (Added 8c)

Post by strichener2 » Thu Jul 14, 2016 10:48 am

1. One prediction per member, per game.

2. Predictions to be made are: The result (ie. the winner of the game) or a draw - and the score. Bonus points are available for predicting the first Peterhead scorer and NOW the last Peterhead scorer.

3a. 1 point for the correct result, 5 for the correct score. 2 bonus points for first Peterhead scorer, and 2 points for the last Peterhead scorer. If Peterhead fail to score, you will get the two points if you have predicted no scorer for first scorer, and 2 points for last scorer.

3b. If you predict that Peterhead will score a single goal and nominate the scorer, you will get 4 points only if Peterhead score a single goal and your nominated scorer actually scores. If the Peterhead score more than one goal then your scorer will only be applicable for the first goal and you will be awarded 2 points if the first goal is scored by your nominated scorer.

4. If you predict the wrong result, but the correct score, you receive no points. You can still pick up bonus points though.

5. Please make predictions 1/2 hour before the advertised kick off time. EG before 2.30pm for a 3.00pm kick off, and 7.00pm for a 7.30pm kick off. Any predictions made after these times will be dis-regarded.

6. Only League matches will count towards the Prediction League. If Peterhead are involved in a playoff at the end of the season, these games will also be included.

7. Further bonus points are available for predicting the league winners, the team just missing out on the playoffs and the team automatically relegated (ie the teams finishing 1st, 5th and 10th). There will be ten points awarded for each correct prediction. All season picks must be in by the first league match.

8a. The It's a knockout Joker. This can be played twice in the season on any prediction match (subject to 8c). This gives you double the points. When submiting your weekly entry you must add into your prediction JOKER when you wish it to be played. Jokers are not able to be played on the play off games.

8b. Jokers will automatically be applied to the last game or two games of the regular season if they have not been used.

8c. Jokers cannot be used on league play-off matches.

9. The winner will be the person with most points at the end of the season. In the event of a tie, the leaders will take part in a tiebreak.


Example of a match prediction

Peterhead 15 Brechin 8
First Scorer McAllister
Last Scorer Jarvie

The score was 3-1 Peterhead, McAllister scored first goal and Strachan last goal

I would get 1 Point for the result, 2 points for first scorer = 3 points and cause i played one of my jokers Juis sons frontier double up to 6 points !!!

Example of New rule 3b.

Peterhead 1 Alloa 2
Scorer McAllister

If the game finished 1-2 With McAllister scoring the Peterhead goal then you would score 10 points (5 for correct score + 1 for correct result + 4 for correct scorer)
If the game finished 2-2 with McAllister scoring the first goal then you would Score 2 points for the correct first scorer.
If the game finished 2-2 with McAllister scoring the second goal then you would not score any points.